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Week 9 day 4 Capstone Checkpoint

Week 9 day 4 Capstone Checkpoint - no training or...

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Questions #1 and #3 The five most significant strengths that will contribute to my success for college graduation will be my determination, persistence, family, friends, and God. I am determined to do my best as a college graduate. I can do anything I set my mind to. I have the support of all my family and friends. They will not let me fall. Along with my determination is my persistence. I can triumph through all the struggles that come my way and with God on my side, I can look for guidance from him to keep me going. I feel that I have been put on this Earth to make a difference and God doesn’t make any mistakes. Now as for a job interview for a position that I have absolutely
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Unformatted text preview: no training or experience, I would ask for a chance to prove myself. It all goes back to my determination and willingness to learn. I would kindly let the interviewer know that I have a great attitude towards wanting to learn new things. I know that I can do the tasks that would be asked of me and with the help from the right personal, I would be able to do the tasks. I have a great attitude towards life and I have a lot of support from everybody. My greatest achievements are my children and my family. I never thought that I could be a good parent and I am. I never thought that I could go to school and succeed but I am. The sky is the limit and I can do it....
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