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I enjoy the options of having the technological tools that Axia College has to offer. I have used the tutorials and workshops that were offered to me. Before starting school I was very nervous about how I was going to manage my classroom. I had no idea what I was doing. But by using the workshop for three days it helped me get around and get familiar to my class surroundings. I also got familiar with the library. I think it is really nice that Axia has so many resources in just the library alone. It will help to have that when it comes to the future essays and research. When using the appendixes B and D in week one and two I actually used both the audio and word. It was nice to have the option of having either one. I like the fact that I can put on the
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Unformatted text preview: headphones and ignore the TV, shut my eyes and listen to the audio talk to me. There are many days that I look at the computer screen all day long. So to get to sit back and listen is an advantage for me and my eyes! I am not sure if I will ever download any audible appendixes but I think it’s convenient to have that option. For many people who are always on the go it is convenient. I believe it is a whole new way of learning. I would call it “learning with a twist”. I am glad that Axia has so many options for us to succeed. It shows that Axia really wants to see students walk across that stage at graduation and they will do what it takes to help the students succeed in every way....
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