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tabels week 3 - Goal Setting on Resource Allocation...

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Keyword used:  Personal goal setting Title of article:  Personal Strategic Planning for Work/Life  Balance Author(s):  Debra Spidal Article publication date:  December 2007 Is the article peer-reviewed?  yes Database:  EBSCOhost Article summary with documentation of all facts: This article talks about how to balance your life and work at the same time. The article describes six major areas in your life and how to manage all six and how to create an action plan. Keyword used:  Personal goal setting Title of article: Managing Time:  The Effects of Personal 
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Unformatted text preview: Goal Setting on Resource Allocation Strategy and Task Performance Author(s): Oriel J. Strickland and Mark Galimba Article publication date: July 2001 Is the article peer-reviewed? yes Database: Thomas Gale Power Search Article summary with documentation of all facts: This article explained the differences in understanding motivated behavior while individuals work on multiple goal setting tasks. Participants were given different tasks to see how they dealt with the tasks....
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