Final Project - 1 Using Axia's Educational Resources In...

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1 Using Axia’s Educational Resources In using the Axia’s Educational Resources, I found that this would help me tremendously. I know that in using the write point checker and plagiarism checker will help me make sure that I do my work correctly. I will use these tools for every paper that I submit. One thing that I also found convenient was the ability to download information on to a portable player or that I would be able to listen to the material without having to read. I will use this as an advantage for the simple fact that it is convenient. It will help me with my eyes. Another resource that will help me out a lot is the library. Axia has a wonderful library for all the resources that I am looking for. This is where I can find certain articles for a paper that I am doing. Also in the library, section is the tutorials for everything. For instance, I was able to use the tutorial for the PowerPoint presentation that I had in another class. I had never done a PowerPoint before and the tutorial helped me. The workshops are also a good thing to take. I took a workshop before starting school to help me know how to get around in class. All the resources that Axia has will help me in the future. Upholding Academic Honesty Axia has a strict policy when it comes to being honest! I do understand that plagiarism is wrong and illegal. Plagiarism is copying another’s work. Axia College will not tolerate this and I
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Final Project - 1 Using Axia's Educational Resources In...

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