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I was talking to my relative the other day and she asked me what I had been doing lately. I told her that I was in school but that I was doing school online. She asked me how I could do this online and go to work at the same time. I then explained that it’s real easy. Before and after work I can log onto my school website. Once logged in I will go to my class forum or in other words my classroom to see what I need to do for that particular day. In the forum I can see what the instructor has posted. My instructor may post discussion questions or assignments for the class to do. In the discussion questions our instructor may ask the students to respond the question. This is what we call a threaded discussion. It’s kind of like emailing each other and having an open conversation. The class can respond to each other’s responses and get feedback. It’s really nice. You can get to know your classmates really well like that. She then asked me if I had to be in the classroom at certain times. I told her that my classmates and I didn’t have
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