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My initial thoughts of distance learning before starting school were very mixed. I was one of those people who thought that doing school online was a joke and “how could anyone receive an online education.” It wasn’t until after I saw my sister complete school online that made me have a different perspective on things. She was very dedicated and it wasn’t just something she did online. She actually had to work on having good grades. My views then started to change. I have always wanted to further my education but never thought that I would have the time to do it.
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Unformatted text preview: But with distance learning I can still do my daily routine and have an education all at the same time. However there are some disadvantages of distance learning. You don’t have the one on one contact with other peers or teachers. And you don’t get the exercise by having to walk from class to class. With distance learning you do however have everything you need right there at your finger tips. Like the library, tutorials, comments from other peers and your teacher. I am really going to like the advantages of distance learning....
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