Check Point reading and comprehension

Check Point reading and comprehension - able to use for...

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The main points of the article I read were: How to present an affective PowerPoint presentation How small props help in a PowerPoint presentation How to use affective language for your audience How using simple slides would be more effective for the audience My words per minute are 318. The approach I took was to have an open mind about what I was reading. I wanted to learn and know how to have an effective PowerPoint presentation. Before I began reading, I needed a quiet place so that I could concentrate a little better. I put the kids down for a nap and began to read the article so there would be fewer distractions. I found the article to be informative. The reading purposes I used were reading for understanding, reading to evaluate critically, and reading for practical application. I felt that the article was something that I will be
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Unformatted text preview: able to use for another assignment that I have due in a couple of weeks. This is also something that I will be able to use for all further PowerPoint presentations in the future. A new word I learned today was protagonist. The word protagonist in the article meant making the audience the main character during a presentation. The word generally means to make someone the most important character in a novel, play, story, or other literary work. Another word I learned and never really understood until now was acronyms. It means a word that is formed from initials or other parts of several words. For example, FBI is an acronym for Federal Bureau of Investigations....
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Check Point reading and comprehension - able to use for...

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