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Email Message Good Morning Mr. Albert: My name is Mari Harbison, the project manager on the sales floor. I was responsible for meeting the company’s financial goal this quarter. Our team worked real hard to meet the goal and they did everything they could. However I need to inform you that we did not met the financial goal this quarter. As you know, our sales team has met the goal for the last two quarters. We are now looking into what we did wrong and try a new strategy for the next quarter.
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Unformatted text preview: Because I want to see my team succeed, I would like to have your input regarding this. I respect the company and its policies on meeting the goals for each quarter. Please feel free to email me with any input or with any other questions. I would like to meet with you if that is possible. Please let me know if this will be convienent for you. Thank you, Mari Harbison Project Manager Phone Number: 1-877-210-5350 Email: [email protected]..
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