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Coffee Cafe - My coffee café would offer a wide variety of...

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I would like to propose another business to the River View Plaza. The idea I have is a coffee café. Drinking coffee is something I think most everyone does all day long. Not only would this be a coffee café, it would also be a place where the community and employees could come and use free Wi-Fi service, catch up on the news with digital cable/satellite, and a comfortable place for many to come and just congregate with others.
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Unformatted text preview: My coffee café would offer a wide variety of coffee and other beverages. Since most people like to have a light snack while having their coffee there will be a variety of foods to choose from. And for the people who like to eat healthy there will also be foods for them to choose from as well. I know this café will be a great addition to River View Plaza and it will succeed in every way. Mari Harbison...
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