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I will do different things with my PowerPoint presentation for my final project. The design that I will use will be one of three. The three that I have chosen are the deluxe, moonlight, or the infinity. I feel that between the three of these that it will be a professional presentation. I am not sure what layout I am going to use. So far, I have used the title slide and the title and content slide. I have already used clipart for the presentation template. The font I have used is Georgia. I used this font because I thought that this would be easy to read and understand by all viewers. I will also use another font for the bullets on each slide. I felt that this might separate
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Unformatted text preview: the title from the bulleted points. Because the background on the slides is, blue I felt that the black font color would stand out more and be easy to read for the audience. I also think that a white font color and a light red color font would work well. I will use different graphics for my presentation. I want to use a fade going into each slide. I am also going to use clipart in my presentation. The clipart that I am using signifies what I am presenting to the committee. However, I will not use too much clipart because it may overdue the presentation. I want the presentation to be simple....
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