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The unwanted reactions I might encounter when it comes to my business proposal is the financial aspects of the new business, there will be more traffic, if it is zoned for a coffee shop and are the fire codes up to date. I would take the necessary steps to ensure the committee that this would bring in good business to River View. The steps I would take are doing the research on the location and how the location of the café is in a good place for business. I would explain that first and for most the coffee shop will bring in a lot of outside business and it will financially make it. As for the new traffic that comes along with a new business, there will be plenty of parking for everyone. I would then be able to show them that River View Plaza is zoned for a coffee shop with the right permits and that the fire codes are up to date. I would explain how having this new business will be great for the employees and consumers.
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Unformatted text preview: First the employees will be able to catch a cup of coffee and a quick snack before, after and during work hours. Second, it will be great for the consumers that come because they may need a quiet place to catch up on some work while having a cup of coffee or having a snack without anybody bothering them. Dear Steve, I am still on track on getting you the information you needed for the River View Coffee Shop. If there is anything else you need from me before we meet just send an email to me. I am looking forward to our meeting. Thank You, Mari Harbison Hi Staci, I wanted to let you know that I have received the plans that you proposed for the River View Coffee Shop. I will review them tonight and get back to you tomorrow morning around ten. If this is not a good time please send me an email. Everything is looking great so far. Thanks! Mari...
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