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English 197: Writing Link with Comp. Lit. 270 Compiled Rear Window Scene Discussions Cinema Studies Lecture Arguments The main story is the relationship story between the two main characters in Jefferies’ apartment rather than the murder mystery. Lisa represents the “mise-en-scene” in the film, turning on the lights, becoming the center of attention in the apartment with her over-the-top costuming. Each of the windows of the other apartments displays a different type of film or story that is somehow related to the story in Jefferies’ apartment. The main character is a photographer, and everything he sees is “framed” by windows. Everything is shown from the inside, our perspective is highly restricted, the lens is masked occasionally, and the viewer is clued into the setting of the entire film in the very opening take. The film features extended use of point of view shots. Opening Scene How do the arguments made in the cinema studies lecture apply to your clip? Each apartment is its own setting with its own story and different characters. The opening provides an introduction to all the secondary characters and setting before introducing the main character. Opening blinds to reveal windows mimics the curtain opening in a theater. It was also significant that the other characters were shown before our protagonist because it shows how his entire character is centered around others. His focus on others is revealed in his intense involvement with the other characters and his occupation: a photographer. Professor Bean noted that the opening of the scene pans around the setting. Before we are introduced to Jefferies, the point of view is not clarified. It’s only revealed at the end when the camera focuses on Jefferies’ apartment. We are introduced to Jefferies before we take on his point of view. Professor Bean compared this point of view to the horror film, Halloween , observing that the audience was seeing through the child’s point of view before he was introduced. As an audience viewing this type of opening we are more alert, and the film is more suspenseful.
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rear_window_discussion - English 197: Writing Link with...

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