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SYLLABUS – EGM 3520 – MECHANICS OF MATERIALS –Spring 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. D. A. Jenkins - Office 229 NEB - 392-6105 – [email protected] Office hours will be announced and posted. TEXTBOOK: Beer, Johnston, DeWolf and Mazurek Mechanics of Materials , 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2009 (don’t buy SI units only editions). EXAMS: In-Term exams will be given on the days scheduled at times and locations to be announced. No makeup exams will be given. A formula sheet of specified format will be allowed. To resolve grading disputes after exams, staple a brief note to your exam paper and give to your instructor. GRADING: The COURSE AVERAGE will be computed by the formula COURSE AVERAGE = .30 x (Exam 1 + Exam 2 + Final) + .10 x HW average COURSE AVERAGES greater than 89, 79, 69, and 59 will be sufficient conditions for grades of A-, B-, C- and D-, respectively. HOMEWORK: Homework problems are assigned and will be collected at the beginning of every class meeting. The problems due each day are shown in the schedule
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