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01_Introduction - Today's Lecture What is Artificial...

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9/8/2009 1 Foundation of AI Introduction Today’s Lecture What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) anyway? the components of intelligence The Current Frontier recent achievements Current Challenges what makes AI problems hard? What is Intelligence? Intelligence: ``the capacity to learn and solve problems'' (Webster dictionary) the ability to think and act rationally Goal in Artificial Intelligence: build and understand intelligent systems/agents synergy between • philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science • computer science and engineering •ma thema t i c s and physics C
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9/8/2009 2 What is involved in Intelligence A) Ability to interact with the real world to perceive, understand, and act speech recognition, understanding, and synthesis image understanding (computer vision) B) Reasoning and Planning modeling the external world problem solving, planning, and decision making ability to deal with unexpected problems, uncertainty C) Learning and Adaptation we are continuously learning and adapting Also: we want systems that adapt to us! Major thrust of industry research. What is Artificial Intelligence Rich and Knight : the study of how to make computers do things which, at the moment, people do better. Handbook of AI: the part of computer science concerned with designing intelligent computer systems, that is, systems that exhibit the characteristics we associate with intelligence in human behavior understanding language, learning, reasoning, solving problems, etc. Dean, Allen and Aloimonos : the design and study of the computer programs that behave intelligently. Russell and Norvig : the study of [rational] agents that exist in an environment and perceive and act. Different Approaches
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01_Introduction - Today's Lecture What is Artificial...

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