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“Pious Ones” Brooklyn- Williamsburg—after 1945 (WWII) Origin=Poland/Ukraine 1. Hasidim = the “pious ones” - women married wore wigs (if married) 2. Tzadik= the “righteous ones” 3. Rebbe very holy man vs Rabbi (teacher) 4. Originally centered in Poland and the Ukraine (loved to dance celebration of God’s presence) 5. Israel Baal Shem Tov founder “master of the good name” 6. Martin Buber Tales of the Hasidim (2 nd ) 7. Hasidic Jews= a withdrawal sect (education Bible/Talmud) 8. Stress=simple faith and intimacy with God
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Unformatted text preview: No doctors/lawyers; women better educated than men they don’t have to study Bible/Talmud “On Death and Dying” : 5 Stages by Elizabeth Cooper Ross 1. Denial= sooner or later admits denial 2. Anger= especially with God/may lead to guilt/desolation 3. Bargaining= for reprieve 4. Depression= toughest stage/total isolation/hardest for family/hardest time is night 5. Acceptance= final stage; doesn’t mean resignation...
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