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Scripture Readings - • He asks God “Why are you silent...

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Scripture Readings 1. Gen. 3:22—Tree of Life= confers eternal life 2. Gen. 3:5—Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil)= confers wisdom 3. Gen. 14: 18—Salem= Jerusalem 4. Melchizedik= King of Salem (NOT a Jew)—also a priest Gave Abram bread/wine Blesses Abram as he goes into battle Abram gives 1/10 of ammo—they won in battle=tidae 5. Miriam= she’s referred to as a prophet (housed her people to fight for country)—Ex 15:20 6. Manna= secretions of Tamarack tree (hardens at night) 7. Habakkuk= Dialogue with God
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Unformatted text preview: • He asks God, “Why are you silent, when the wicked swallow more righteous than they are?” • God, “In due time…I will take care of it” • 2:4 The Righteous shall live by Faith ( 8. Malachi—“my messenger”—450 BCE • In question/answer format • Be faithful to God’s covenant • Condemms the Jewish priesthood 9. Pslam 23 Expression of trust in God’s protection • “The Lord is my shepard…” 10. Pslam 24 song sung when they entered into the temple carrying the Ark of the Covenant...
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