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Scripture Readings 1. Gen. 3:22—Tree of Life= confers eternal life 2. Gen. 3:5—Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil)= confers wisdom 3. Gen. 14: 18—Salem= Jerusalem 4. Melchizedik= King of Salem (NOT a Jew)—also a priest Gave Abram bread/wine Blesses Abram as he goes into battle Abram gives 1/10 of ammo—they won in battle=tidae 5. Miriam= she’s referred to as a prophet (housed her people to fight for country)—Ex 15:20 6. Manna= secretions of Tamarack tree (hardens at night) 7. Habakkuk= Dialogue with God
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Unformatted text preview: He asks God, Why are you silent, when the wicked swallow more righteous than they are? God, In due timeI will take care of it 2:4 The Righteous shall live by Faith ( 8. Malachimy messenger450 BCE In question/answer format Be faithful to Gods covenant Condemms the Jewish priesthood 9. Pslam 23 Expression of trust in Gods protection The Lord is my shepard 10. Pslam 24 song sung when they entered into the temple carrying the Ark of the Covenant...
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