The Role of Women in Judaism

The Role of Women in Judaism - • Husband builds extra...

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The Role of Women in Judaism 1 st century Judaism— When a woman left home: head had to be covered; face covered by 2 vails, body covered from neck to toe (property to father/husband) Daughter always ranked behind son in inheritance Education= housework Until 12 1/2 , had to marry whoever father chose Betrothal= marriage contract signed by fathers of the bride and groom (contained prenup) Stiff penalty for divorce Once signed=married; don’t live together till another year.
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Unformatted text preview: • Husband builds extra room (gets job as Sheppard/ farmer) • End of year, procession from groom’s home to bride’s/celebration • Acquisition of woman by man (symbolization) • Divorce, permitted but strongly frowned upon and rare male=public stigma and it was expensive Bill of Get • Absence of children= grave misfortune • No public obligation to attend synagogue (women sit away from men) • In Conservative and Reform= women can be Rabbis....
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