Various Groups in Judaism

Various Groups in Judaism - *opposed all things Roman...

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Various Groups in Judaism 1. Pharisees “Separated ones”; 90% of Jews Beliefs: Zaddok=rabbi; resurrection of the body; personal immortality; angels and devils; Entire Tanakh (39 books). 2. Sadducees --- 7-9% of Jews. Beliefs: Deny ALL of the above^; wealthy; accept only the first 5 books (Torah); disgusted/hated by other Jews because of doctoral differences and traded with the Romans. 3. Essenses At Qumran (1.7% of Jews) Lived in communities; Dead Sea Scrolls (1947) all of the Hebrew bible (1 st scroll contained whole book of Isaiah, clear copies-word for word); Considered themselves the ONLY true Jews; refused to worship in temple; end of world near; a withdrawal sect; Destroyed by Rome in 70 CE. Other groups: 1. Samaritans - Mt. Gerizim (temple) Temple built in 5 th Century BCE; temple destroyed in 128 BCE by Jews; Conquered by Assyrians in Samaria; Samaritans built ritual temple. 2. Zealots - 6 CE Began in Galilee (agricultural land);
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Unformatted text preview: *opposed all things Roman; sicani= knife bearers; Most responsible in 66 CE for Jews to go into battle with Romans. 3. Sanhedrin – (70+1)-judges; Literally, “synod”=the ancient house council of Rabbis that met in Jerusalem and had supreme authority in all matters dealing with Jewish law. Jewish rulers; law: civil, criminal, religions The Social and Economic conditions in 1 st Cent. Palestine (pop. 500-600,000) • Principle crops= wheat and barley • Abundance of fruit, figs, dates, grapes • Sheparding (sheep/goat) • Jews at peak of population in 4 th Cent. 4 million • Hardly had any middle class, most people were poor • Wealth & poverty= extreme • Food= bread, vegetables, eating meat was a rare treat • Almost all homes made of stone (often times 2 story homes) • Slavery still existed, very expensive to buy slaves (men) • Gentiles, prisoners of war...
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Various Groups in Judaism - *opposed all things Roman...

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