Catholic Counter Reformation

Catholic Counter Reformation - the pope 4 Practical Reforms...

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Catholic Counter Reformation -The Council of Trent (1545-1563): 3 sessions: 1. 1545 2. 1555 3.1562 Following countries protest: Scandinavia, British Isles (not Ireland), Germany, Austria, France -Institutional/regional organization—power struggle -conciliarism, loss of land, not so different -definition=justification, grace, nature of faith, the church, sacraments (their #/meaning), role of
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Unformatted text preview: the pope 4 Practical Reforms 1. Catechism (book of instruction/Q&A format)- to promote unity 2. Seminary in every diocese 3. Index of the forbidden Books (Luther, Calvin, Swingly)-to promote unity 4. Mass standardized (said in the same way=Latin)-Rome sets curriculum of study: Bible, preaching, church, history-Trent dominates until Vatican II (1563-1962)...
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