Martin Luther - Martin Luther (1483-1546) -Germany -Father...

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Martin Luther (1483-1546) -Germany -Father of Protestant Reformation 1. University of Erfurt -studied to be a lawyer (on his mind to be a Catholic priest) 1505-Augustinian Monastery (strict observers of Gospel) 1507-priesthood 1512-Ph.D in Biblical Theology (a professor at Witenburg) *scrupulosity=can’t get away from sin -“Work and I find a merciful God” 1513-1515—Pslams of David 1515-1516—Letters to Romans 1516-1517—Galatians 1517-1518—Teaches Hebrew 2. Protests -*October 31, 1517 vs Tetzel (indulgences) *Luther posted 95 statements on door overnight becomes well-known -1518-1520—Debates…Von Eck, Cajethan 1520---3 reformation essays A. “Babylonian Captivity of the Church”—2 sacraments B. “An Appeal to the German Nobility” C. “On the Freedom of a Christian” June 15, 1520—Pope Leo XI “Exsurge domine” -In December, Luther takes letter and throws in fire -Jan 3, 1521—pope excommunicates Luther
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Martin Luther - Martin Luther (1483-1546) -Germany -Father...

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