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Methodists - Jesus Methodist Society(Anglicans not try to...

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Methodists Intro a. Age of Enlightenment no supernatural b. During Deism celestial clockmaker John Wesley= founder 1 st phase= Oxford (1728) MA in Theology/Anglican priest; 1728-1735 taught at Oxford 2 nd phase= America (comes to GA)—1735-1738 Moravians (Slovakia)=pietists (religion of the heart and great notion on what frontier is like) 3 rd phase=London (1738) Aldersgate experience—felt his heart warm; convicted by
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Unformatted text preview: Jesus* Methodist Society (Anglicans) not try to start denomination Charles Lesley (brother) sends people to U.S. to preach Anglican church did not approve Lesley ordained bishops:-Thomas Coke-Frances Asbury circuit riders-By the end of 18 th century largest church Methodist Episcopal Church (1784) United Methodist Church (largest branch) 12 million Methodist...
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  • Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodism, United Methodist Church, 18th centurylargest church Methodist Episcopal Church, Deism celestial clockmaker

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