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Pentecostal (protestant Christians)/ Charismatic (mainline Christians) “Charis”=gift -Practice gifts of the Holy Spirit 330 million 1. Assembly of God=2,779,095 (12,777 churches) Church of God in Christ= 5,499, 875 (15,000 churches) Many other Pentecostal churches 2. Pentecostal denomination began appearing in Protestant circles in the U.S. at the beginning of the 20 th Century 3. Charismatic groups arose among Main Line groups in the mid 1960’s 4. Spirit baptism= group of Christians praying over one of its members so that he/she will
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Unformatted text preview: receive the Holy Spirit in its fullness which induces 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit: 1. Word of Knowledge 2. Word of Wisdom 3. Faith 4. Healing 5. Miracles 6. Prophecy 7. Discerning of Spirits ability to understand if someone is a Christian 8. Speaking in tongues (geossolalia) nonunderstandable language (“groaning of the heart”) 9. Interpretation of tongues *Devoted to the Bible...
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