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Public Life of Jesus in 10 stages

Public Life of Jesus in 10 stages - 2 11 th hour workers=...

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Public Life of Jesus in 10 stages 1. Baptized by John the Baptist in Jordan River at age 30. 2. Jesus entered the desert and fasted and prayed for 40 days and 40 nights to prepare himself for ministry 3. Jesus is tempted 3 times by Satan: -Turn stones into bread -show power by throwing himself down, angels will carry -Praise Satan at mt. top given power 4. Jesus goes back to Nazareth (homeland)/ John the Baptist imprisoned and killed * 5. Jesus works first miracle in Canaan at wedding feast (turn water into wine) 6. On a Sabbath, Jesus/disciples walk through field of grain (however they eat some); Jesus challenged by Pharisees for breaking Sabbath; * “The Sabbath is made for man, not man for the Sabbath”--(anti-legalistic stage) 7. A woman is caught in adultery, about be stoned to death, but Jesus helps her 8. Preached in parables (fictitious story make point/to make one think) Ex: 1. Prodigal son (father represents God—who is willing to forgive you if you repent)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. 11 th hour workers= pay the same payowner= Godnever too late to repent 3. Good Samaritan= who is your neighbor? everyone 9. Jesus claims to be divine He forgave sins in his own name He worked miracles in his own name Before Abraham was I am The father and I are one 2 trials: 1. Against powerful Jewish leaders 2. Against Roman Governor Pontious Pilot 10. Jesus death and resurrection-Jesus falls 3 different times-Golgotha (Calvery)= hill where Jesus was killed at 6 th hour and died at 9 th hour-feet crucified close to ground-Key teaching of Christianity Resurrection of Jesus-pneumantion soma= spiritual body-Paul witnessed Jesus physically resurrect; 1 st Corinthians, chapter 15 -Jesus radically the same, radically different-For Christianity its either true or false that Jesus rose from the dead Key teaching...
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