Structure of Catholic Church

Structure of Catholic Church - ordained-premarital...

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Structure of Catholic Church ~2 billion Christians=1 billion Catholics Pope Cardinals (Bishops) -curia=board of directors (Rome)—largest segments, 150 -local (scattered) -vote to elect new pope when he dies Archbishops -calls them 4 meetings a year to discuss issues Bishops—in charge of diocese Priests—diocesan parish; stable community; monks, trappists, Benedictines (largest group) -Friars (mobile): Franciscan, Dominican, Carmelite Deacons= married men, study for at least 3 years, wife also studies, 32 year old
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Unformatted text preview: ordained-premarital instructions, preach sermons, baptize, distribute communion, witness weddings, and teach classes • Nuns (sisters)= now highly educated • Laity Seven Sacraments: 1. Baptism 2. Reconciliation= confession 3. Eucharist (Lord’s supper) 4. Confirmation (12/13 years old) 5. Marriage 6. Ordination (priesthood) 7. Anointing of the sick (health, physical, spiritual prayer) Brazil= 144 million; Mexico= 124 million; Philippines =70 million; USA=70 million...
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Structure of Catholic Church - ordained-premarital...

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