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1. The apologists—2 nd cent.= 18 in all 2. Constantine—early 4 th cent.—in 325 allows Christians to practice freely-1 st Christian emperor 3. *St. Augustine—“church father” (354-430) -most important Christian writer -at age 30, accepts Christianity (384) -Bishop of Hipo (N. Africa) -“The Confessions of St. Augustine” -“The City of God”—22 vols; 12 years to write defense of Christianity; *limbo, original sin 4. Monasticism (begins in West)—St. Benedict (480-543) -Biggest monk group -lived in community -3 vows: poverty, chastity, obedience to Gospel
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Unformatted text preview: -Dark ages becomes prominent 5. Emperor CharlemagneLeo II-appointed Alcuin of York to establish education-Crowned emperor of the west (beginning of end of dark ages) 6. Universities established-12 th cent. Oxford, Paris; fixed curriculum and degrees 7.* St. Thomas Aquinas-Great medieval Catholic -explain Gospel through Aristotle, Moses Maimonides-Summa Theologiae summary of Christian thinking 3 volumes: I. God, creation II. Morality III. How Jesus and Holy Trinity empower you to live a virtuous life...
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