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The Baptists - -1 st Baptist Church(Roger Williams...

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The Baptists 29 separate denominations Largest—Southern Baptist 16 million—smallest 2 seed in spirit (S. Carolina) 1. John Smyth (1570-1612) -Anglican priest join Puritan movement (non conformists) Holand 2. General Baptists= General Redemption of ALL *universal salvation -Double Predestination -Immersion ”only way to baptize”
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Unformatted text preview: -1 st Baptist Church (Roger Williams) RI (1639)-Southern Baptist---33 million Baptists (42,000 churches) 3. Robert Torbert—“A History of the Baptists”-Bible alone—criteria-Baptism 1 st ordinance-Lord’s Supper 2 nd ordinance (memorial service)-Truly regenerate= once saved, always saved-...
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