Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock - Grand Ayatollah= shi’te—final...

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Dome of the Rock (“Mosque of Umar”) shrine NOT mosque Isra journey to Jerusalem The night’s journey Misra ascent into heaven 5 prayers a day Qiblah—622 AD temple mount, after 624=Mecca facing Mecca Ka’ba=”cube”=cubic structure; grand mosque in Mecca Black stone ”God’s eternity symbol” Abraham….Seth Abraham and Ishmael Dedicated to Allah, the God of Abraham Kiswah “cover” calligraphy Sabians= Not Jew, Christian, or Muslim (but believes in ONE God) Does Islam have clergy? No ordained clergy, but do have leaders who function as clergy ‘Ulama=”the learned” Grand Mupti= Sunni—final interpretator
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Unformatted text preview: Grand Ayatollah= shi’te—final interpretator Hajj—Zamzan well (Hagar/Ishmael) pilgramge---circle ka’ba 7 times counterclockwise; “I am here O Lord, I am here” White garments= equality All have guides 12 mile radius—non muslim can enter at Ka’ba Arafat mount of mercy where prophet gave final message; threw 3 stones---rejection of Satan *Salman Rushdie—The Satanic Verses (1988) 3 pagan goddesses/3 intermediates between individual and God—Lat, Al’uzza, Manst fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini reward for killing Rushdie...
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Dome of the Rock - Grand Ayatollah= shi’te—final...

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