Intro to Islam - he married Mr. Hirah (prayer/fasting) •...

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Intro to Islam (“submission to Allah”) 1.6 billion Muslims in world half of world 2.1 billion Christians Only 1-2% of Americans know anything about Islam 6 million Muslims in US 1979—Iran—Ayatollah Khomeini Iran—fundamentalist Islamic state Iraq—Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden Colonialism W. countries occupy Islamic nations/Western morals imposed Indonesia (Holland—largest Muslim country) French Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria English Malaysia, Egypt Muhammad Born ~ 570 AD, member of Kurish tribe Quraish tribe—Hubal (“Chief God”)--- (Ka’ba - sacred building by Abraham)---centered in Mecca---place of pilgrimage for Arabs. Orphaned around 6 years old Raised by parental uncle (Abu Talib) protector of Muhammad Illiterate, never went to school Sheppard Khadijah wife
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Unformatted text preview: he married Mr. Hirah (prayer/fasting) • 610 starts receiving revelation from Angel Gabriel, told to recite what he was hearing (saw and heard the Angel) Qur’an= “recit” • 613 started to preach publically • Final judgment heaven/hell—only true God=God of Abraham • Being unjust to poor • 619 marries wife, uncle dies • Hijra—to Medina—622 CE ummah • Khaibar oasis • 630 prophet has army of 10,000 men conquer city of Medina in battle (destroys 622 statues of gods) • 632 Muhammad dies 85% Sunni 15% Shi’tes 4 “Rightly Guided” Caliphs • Abu Bakr • ‘Umar • Uthman Ibn Affan • Ali blood relative (Shi’ites) After 1 st wife dies, marries 9 other women (2 Christians and 1 Jew)...
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Intro to Islam - he married Mr. Hirah (prayer/fasting) •...

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