Muslims around the world

Muslims around the world - rd of Muslims are African...

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Muslims around the world Muslims in Europe 15 million 8 th -15 th century Muslims ruled Spain, S. Italy, S. France Muslims start being taken out of Spain by end of 15 th century fled to N. Africa, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan Britain, France, Germany largest number of Muslims after WWII looking for work tended to be skilled people 1960’s/70’s (millions of unskilled laborers) 1970s (more educated) France 10% of population=Muslim; outnumber Protestant and Jews; second in population to Roman Catholics; major mosque= Paris, Leon; more than 1,000 mosques. England 2 million Muslims (many from India); tend to live in Northern Industrial cities; east end of London; 600,000 mosques; most Muslims are British and given right to vote. Germany 2 million Muslims US substantial number of African slaves Muslim (15-20% of slaves); 1/3
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Unformatted text preview: rd of Muslims are African American; late 19 th century wave of Muslim immigrants (unskilled, uneducated); 2 nd wave undereducated people 1960s-present (highly educated); immigrant Muslims out number all other Muslims; followed by African Americans, then white middle class Americans, unclear about number of Muslims in US. CAIR Council on American Islamic Relations: President=female Muslims generally live in major cities. Average family income $60,000 compared to $50,000 1300 mosques, several hundred schools Imams most from other countries 1980 training of American Muslims to become imams Islam interfaith activity; social action (3.5 million Arab Americans in U.S., over half Christian); 44%= Muslim...
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Muslims around the world - rd of Muslims are African...

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