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Nation of Islam Black Muslims Did NOT follow 5 pillars Founder= Wallace D. Fard—1930—“Great Mahdi” Preached withdrawal from White society Rejected Christianity “Black Pride” “God” was Black 1934, Fard disappears, succeeded by Elijah Muhammad last messenger of God Malcolm X Muhammad (killed in 1965): strong family values, self-sufficiency, discipline, thrift, do not: drink alcohol, gamble, do drugs, or eat pork. Malcolm X (killed in 1965) confronted Elijah Muhammad quit nation of Islam pilgrimage
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Unformatted text preview: became Sunni Muslims started mosque in NYC Preached what Nation of Islam was wrong about shot to death by 2 members of Nation of Islam • Wallace D. Muhammad son of Elijah D. Muhammad 5 pillars now observed, temple (mosque), leaders imams not ministers equality of men and women stressed, however not everyone followed him. • Louis Farrakan no change under leadership slowly working way to classical Islam called Judaism a gutter religion 20,000 members still exist....
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