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Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire - W Iran E Turkey NE Syria • 13 million...

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Ottoman Empire (Turkey ) 14 th Cent end of WWI 1453 conquered Constantinople renamed Istanbul Hagia Sophia (church) built by Justinian 1 st 1453 became mosque Last 20 years museum 16 th cent Sulyman the magnificent established education till end of WWI Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk father of Turks) made Turkey totally secular 1923 Turkish republic Istanbul Ankara Kurds (Muslims): Indo-Europeans (NOT ARAB); Kurdistan-Muslims; in N. Iraq,
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Unformatted text preview: W. Iran, E. Turkey, NE Syria • 13 million Kurds fighting for independence without no success • Sadam Hussein killed 100,000 Kurds • 20% in Iraq kurds • 20% Sunni • 60% shi’iates • Persian Iran speak farsi 89% shi’ah, 10% sunni 68 million (majority under 30, majority of students female) Iraq (166,000 mi 2 )= 26 million people Bagadad= 5.5 million people...
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