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Role of Women - Right to own property business enter into...

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Role of Women 56 Muslim nations (varies from nation due to cultural factors to nation) Men and women= equal before God, however both play different roles in society Patriarchal (ruled by men) Polygamy is allowed (4 wives rare)—2-3% of Muslims Some Muslim countries forbid polygamy Marriage Not performed in mosque Accomplished by contract (in private home, before a judge) Dress=based on national customs Women cannot be forced to marry against her will. Muslim male CAN marry Christian, Jew, monotheist Muslim female HAS TO marry a MUSLIM Divorce is permitted: 1. Reputation by women of her husband (“I divorce you”) 3 times--still wait 3 menstrual cycles. 2. By mutual consent 3. By judicial decision (at wife’s request) Rules of role of women
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Unformatted text preview: Right to own property, business, enter into contracts (without any male interference) • Right to inherit (keep inheritance, without husband’s interference) • Husband must care of wife’s food and shelter • Right to choose husband, refusal • Right to keep dahri • Right to prenuptial agreements • Violation grounds for divorce • Right to sex • Right to be treated fairly, kindly • Right to education • Right to vote • Participate in affairs of community Funerals • Buried quickly, ASAP • Cremation NOT ALLOWED • Body cleaned by people of same sex—ritual washing • Orifices plugged with cotton wool • Wrapped in shroud • Carried to cemetery • Body is buried immediately; on right side facing Mecca...
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  • play different roles, national customs Women, ASAP CremationNOT ALLOWED, ritual washing Orifices, prenuptial agreements Violationgrounds

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Role of Women - Right to own property business enter into...

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