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Spread of Islam 632—Muhammad dies 638---Persia, Mesopotamia (Iraq), city of Damascus, Seria conquered 642—Egypt, Palestine, entire nation of Seria conquered. 711—most of Spain conquered 712---most India conquered Attempted to enter Gual (France) 732 defeated by French Charles Martel 1453 Constantinople conquered renamed Istanbul did not force people to become Muslim largest empire that ever previously existed (by end of 8 th cent.) Dhimmi did not convert; had to pay extra tax
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Unformatted text preview: Monotheism=one God Hannisf= preached one God • Hud—calling back to truth • Shu’aib—last judgement by God (heaven or hell) Resurrection of body for all “People of the Book” Christianity Jesus is born of Virgin Mary; they accept Jesus as a true prophet, Messiah, and that he worked miracles; he will usher in final judgement. Judaism They should have accepted Jesus as messiah and should have accepted Muhammad as final prophet....
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