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Josie’s beliefs and behaviors are causing her to be unhealthy. She smokes at least one pack of cigarettes per day which is very damaging to the body and organs. She is having hard time breathing even when she is barely stressing herself. The fact that she cannot make it up the stairs at work is a sign of a really unhealthy body. She is not exercising regularly due to this problem. Her belief that she is not feeling sick so she must be okay is not the best way to think. She is not a doctor and she should know that getting so winded is not normal. She knows that she should quit smoking but does not have the time to make that a priority. She has a ton of stress about her
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Unformatted text preview: health and her grandson that is in the hospital with meningitis. These two things are what is causing her the most concern. She even thinks about doing the tests required for someone at the age of 58 like herself should do, but puts it off because she does not have the time to do them. She should make the time to do them. Her insurance will pay why not get them done as a precautionary measure? She does not think that she needs to worry about her health when in the long run she should have made some time to get herself checked out. She is not a young girl anymore and the smoking is taking its toll on her body....
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