english 1050 reflective essay

english 1050 reflective essay - Alicia Locklear November...

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Alicia Locklear November 24, 2009 Reflective Essay Right and wrong. Stop and go. Start and finish. First and last. Beside and adjacent. All these phrases give sign of what’s going to happen next. I have written many different essays for my English 1050 class this semester, which provided a learning experience to create specialized analytical essays. I was challenged to meet the reader’s needs of this while also meeting detailed criteria for my English class which was a rewarding aspect of my coursework. Presenting a good essay is difficult and I spent months trying to improve upon my first draft effort. I am delighted to say I feel strong about holding a reader’s interest. To see the outcome of my labor, please look into my portfolio for my English1050 class. My essays I have presented have had needed work upon them to have proper structure and flow. With the pride of what I was taught by my English 1050 professor, Dr. Sigmon, structure and flow is a milestone I over came. Although it took many different meetings and conferences about sentence structure and flow of my essays I am confident in my understanding. For example I have improved a lot with transitioning between paragraphs. Transitioning was taught to me to make my last sentence of a paragraph to give a hint of what the next paragraph was going to be about. In my essay Gift Giving the last sentence in my second paragraph states, “Quilts have
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This note was uploaded on 05/30/2010 for the course ENG 1050 taught by Professor Williams during the Spring '10 term at UNC Pembroke.

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english 1050 reflective essay - Alicia Locklear November...

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