GEO 351 - Writing Activity 4 Local History of California

GEO 351 - Writing Activity 4 Local History of California -...

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Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd Professor Marshall GEO 351 Spring, 2009 Activity #4 – A Local History of California I moved from Laguna Beach to Pasadena in the fall of 2001. And when I tell people this they always make a weird face and ask “why in the world would you want to move from Laguna Beach to Pasadena?” Now, generally I don’t take the time to answer such questions with much detail, but I thought it an appropriate anecdote in this case because my answer will help to establish why I have chosen to write my historical perspective on Pasadena, California. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. And yes, my mother was a Mormon but interestingly enough, my father is Jewish. Consequently, I have always been conflicted in terms of identity and have often considered myself “Mormish.” All joking aside, we moved to Laguna Beach when I was six and that is where I grew up, so naturally I considered writing a history of Laguna, but I felt some uncertainty about whether Laguna or Pasadena would be more appropriate for this assignment. It was then that I realized it was not either town individually, but the move from one to the other that was important. I chose to move from Laguna to Pasadena, so I decided Pasadena was the winner. Right before I left Laguna, I began to fear that I was in a state of delusion or denial because I have never actually given race or ethnicity much thought or attention. I started to feel sheltered and maybe a little culturally ignorant. Honestly, I have never had much of an internal struggle with race, culture, or ethnicity; so therefore, I concluded that I might not be in touch with racial and ethnic issues on a personal or societal level. I guess, coming from Laguna Beach, it is reasonable that I might find myself in this situation. I mean, how can I expect to be in touch
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Lloyd 2 with my racial and ethnic identity when there are generally only one or two races and ethnicities
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GEO 351 - Writing Activity 4 Local History of California -...

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