GEO 351 - Writing Activity 5 California Culture 2

GEO 351 - Writing Activity 5 California Culture 2 - Lloyd 1...

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Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd Professor Marshall GEO 351 Spring, 2009 Activity #5 – California Culture 2 I admit that I was excited to finally eat at Akbar, which offers authentic cuisine of India, but my fantasies of cheese nan, tandoori, and sweet mango lassi were crushed when Kim came home from work and informed me that she was not in the mood for experimental dining. She worked very hard all day preparing for a huge trial set for the following Monday and she needed culinary comfort and familiarity. I was disappointed but tried hard not to show it as I began listing alternate choices. I reminded Kim that this dinner was to serve as my cultural experience for Assignment Five, and that the location was supposed to be new. I struggled to remember some of the different authentic places to dine in Pasadena and was surprised when Kim agreed to sushi. I told her about Sushi Roku, which had been recommended as “authentic” by someone I trusted, and she said, “Sounds Cool.” I knew Sushi Roku was located at 33 Miller Alley at One Colorado, Pasadena because I had recently used One Colorado as the subject for an Urban Design project. I always enjoy visiting One Colorado because it is in the heart of Old Town and it is off the main boulevard with broad pedestrian-only alleys that lead to the almost hidden courtyard; all of which reminds me of a European Medieval town. I found the setting romantic and my first experience with
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GEO 351 - Writing Activity 5 California Culture 2 - Lloyd 1...

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