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GEO 351 - Writing Activity 6 California L

GEO 351 - Writing Activity 6 California L - Lloyd 1 S Lloyd...

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Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd Professor Marshall GEO 351 Spring, 2009 Activity #6 –California’s Land Use This may be a bit unorthodox, but I feel the best way to begin my exploration of Pasadena, California’s land use and economy, is to quote myself. The following statement is the concluding paragraph from Activity Four, titled “A Local History of California.” It goes as follows: For me, browsing the busy streets and alleys of Old Pasadena, it is difficult to imagine the depth of history and that lay beneath the polished, trendy storefronts of West Colorado Blvd. but if one to were to look carefully past the elegant Tiffany Co. and provocative Victoria’s Secret storefronts, it might be possible to glimpse the brick facades and architectural details that have survived Pasadena’s glorious beginnings, dramatic decline, and triumphant rebirth. Pasadena has gone through many transformations during the last one hundred years; from its explosive and exciting beginnings, to the sad economic decline that took place in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. (4) I chose to include this quote because of how it combines Pasadena’s remarkable social and economic transformation with its land use and zoning designations. Regretfully, in the aforementioned quote, I failed to accurately describe the scale of social and economic rebirth Pasadena has enjoyed in the last twenty years. The success of Old Pasadena has been recognized internationally, nationally, and locally with the following awards: "The Great American Main Street, "National Main Street Center National Trust for Historic Preservation,” "Downtown Achievement,” "International Downtown Association,” "Livable Community," "President’s Commendation," and finally the "1998 Skyline Award." (Pasadena.net) So, it is with these awards in mind that I hypothesize that there is a direct corollary to be drawn between economic and social success, and land use.
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