LA 121 - Project 2 Placing History

LA 121 - Project 2 Placing History - Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd...

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Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd Professor Vernon LA 121 Spring, 2008 Project 2 – “Placing History” I admit that I was excited to finally create a project that had anything to do with my favorite creation by another artist. You see, I am still unclear about my creative process and my hope, when applying to Cal Poly was that I would eventually figure out my own personal creative process, and what better way than to use art that I appreciate as a case study of sorts. You see, as of now, I go through life collecting images and ideas and they get mashed up in my head, and then every so often they come out and when they do… it is magic; but it is ephemeral at best. I am seeking a little more consistency and as I sat in your lecture and listened to the project description, I immediately knew what song I wanted to work with. The band is TOOL and Maynard James Keenun wrote the lyrics to the song I have chosen. I know he is a practicing Wiccan, so I imagined a courtyard for his newly constructed temple. The song is titled, “Schism” and it is thematically concerned with interpersonal relationships and the healing powers of communication. I am going to use the following references from the song to support my contention; cosmic geometry, design juxtaposition, water, and death. The reason I resonate so passionately with the communication concept is because as I have matured; I have come to view communication as the most profound variable in all my endeavors. All the interactive and causal
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LA 121 - Project 2 Placing History - Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd...

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