LA 121 - Project Theme Communication

LA 121 - Project Theme Communication - S. Lloyd Professor...

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S. Lloyd Professor Vernon LA 121 Spring, 2008 Project Theme - Communication I have chosen communication as the theme for my projects. A landscape theme is basically a main idea that keeps repeating itself throughout your landscape design. The landscape theme may be something as simple as a color scheme repeated from flower bed to flower bed, or a repetition of form through plant shapes and groupings. A landscape theme may be based completely on mood. The use of water features in your landscape may create a feeling of relaxation. The use of garden statuary, can also lend an inspirational feeling to your landscape. Landscape themes can also be a little more substantial. Themes may be designed to match the surrounding landscape. A cabin in the mountains would probably choose evergreens and native flowers to complete the rustic theme of the landscape. A Victorian garden complete with manicured topiaries would be out of place in this environment, but might fit quite nicely at a mansion landscape near Beacon Hill. Landscape design themes can also be built around your personal tastes and preferences. If gnomes tickle your fancy, you can easily create a landscape theme by placing gnome statues here and there around the garden. If the exotic beauty of butterflies fascinate you, you can design your landscape theme around plants and flowers that are known to attract them, and reinforce the theme with butterfly garden stakes, and statuary. Water itself may be chosen as the main theme for your landscape and carried out through
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LA 121 - Project Theme Communication - S. Lloyd Professor...

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