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RS 301 - Energy Lecture Notes - RS 301 Professor Wolf Cal...

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RS 301 Professor Wolf Cal Poly Pomona Fall 2009 Lecture Notes on Energy ENERGY [wolf 2] industrial system guarantee on time, atrt and works pay price for it external price energy amount is finite energy is stored in some form and we are always transforming it into another form sunlight:constant energy source big driver for every energy is sunlight except 4 nuclear sunlight lifts water to dam sunlight is heat, plant produce fuel so when look at ways people do energy storage: hydro electric – pot enrgy wind wind in fast comes out slower and diff between kin energy air coming in extract propeller in stream – kin tidal energy burn fuel nuclear take air release pot energy these arfe intermittent source – means sporatic – fos fuel not intermittent problem with renewable enrgy is that it is not dense – like oil and nat gas video “shldnt burn oil its too valuable” conservation of energy – which means u don’t get anything for free – amount of worl exact same as work out – cant get any more out than put in – natural inefficiencies built into the system potentioal is ability to do work that is stored in position for relation between things – like spring or magnet – rubber band elastic energy- do work to pull apart – put work into system and then get back out again – stroe in postyion or relation – compressed air let out turn fan nuclear energy-string force-hit pos charge fly apart get energy – thermal energy is just heat – not particularly useful so have electrical potential in form of battery kinetic energy is – stored in motion of bus =force for a distance over time
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basically fos fuel is = if u take a pos charge and a neg charge, they want to be together, co if u take them nd u separate them, in order to sep them u have to apply force for a distance u have to do work and when u let them get closer together u can get that energy out again - basically what fos fuel is so once apon a time co2 in water – can think of as charges close together – plant took sunlight and suger and ox is photosynthese – sugar molecues = cellulos can think of sugar as pos nad neg charges apart – cont…. but cant see – called pot energy – banking analogy pot energy not measurable so come up with account tool called pot enrgy which is a way of keeping trak of where the energy is– way this works in real life is u have a dam here, that has water and then u have a lake here with water and water ? the saam ethe only diff is you have one on top and one below – say this has gravitional
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RS 301 - Energy Lecture Notes - RS 301 Professor Wolf Cal...

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