RS 301 - Organic Farming

RS 301 - Organic Farming - Lloyd 1 S Lloyd Professor Wolf...

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Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd Professor Wolf RS 301 11 November 2008 Organic Farming Currently, there exists an organic farming movement that is evidenced in the products that line our grocery stores, tax our pocketbooks, and eventually make their way onto our pantry shelves. And not surprisingly, a subsequent argument has ensued about the perceived, and often misinformed, “Facts” concerning the advantages and disadvantages associated with “Organic,” food production. Surprisingly, the most interesting aspect of these passionate debates is not the various facts that are used to support either the ascending or descending opinions, but the misguided nature of the entire conversation. To better understand, it is important to consider the role of organic farming within the broader context of agriculture, and this argument has traditionally centered on effectiveness of food production in keeping up to populations growth. In other words, what form of agriculture is more successful, regardless of negative affects to soil, water, and wildlife, in feeding the unprecedented, exponential population explosion that is essentially depleting our natural resources and threatening our continued existence? But recently, and in true dramatic fashion, all that has changed.
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RS 301 - Organic Farming - Lloyd 1 S Lloyd Professor Wolf...

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