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RS 301 - Reaction Paper 1 Economics of Sustainability

RS 301 - Reaction Paper 1 Economics of Sustainability -...

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Lloyd 1 S. Lloyd Professor Wolf RS 301 Fall, 2009 Reaction Paper #1- The Economics of Sustainability After re-reading the syllabus, I decided to take your advice and complete the readings in time to allow for some “thoughtful reflection.” And to be honest, at first I was surprised by the complexity and density of the information presented in both publications. The World Conservation Union’s report titled, “The Future of Sustainability: Re-thinking Environment and Development in the Twenty-first Century” and the report jointly sponsored by The World Bank, The Nature Conservancy, and the IUCN, titled, “How Much is an Ecosystem Worth? Assessing the Economic Value of Conservation,” combined to instill in me, a profound sense of humility and appreciation for the interactive relationship that exists between the concepts of economics, market philosophy, and sustainability. And the longer I sat with my feelings, reflecting on the vast amount of information I had read, the more I felt that each publication probably deserves its own reaction paper; there is just way too much data in each report for a two-page response to do them both justice.
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