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Site Analysis Design Critique

Site Analysis Design Critique - Title Block Name of the...

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Title Block: Name of the design :Young Residense, 96 Goldenrod Lane, Chino Hills, CA 91709 Designer : Rancho Landscape Design Scale : 1/8”=1’-0” Site Analysis: Describe how thorough you think the site analysis is : I think the site analysis is very, very specific to the site boundaries only. It does not account for what is outside of its property boundaries. For example, the drains lead to storm drain and pipe water off site. The majority of the design is based on functions in relation to the spaces inside the house. The patio goes here because it is near the exit and the planting diagram is placed around exits and with consideration to window arrangement. The analysis considered were just for the site plan level, it never considered other scales that would interact with this design. To end, the site analysis is basically a site inventory of what is there in the boundaries of the site. Like, this is a wall, this is a drain, this is a mainline, and this is an A/C unit and so on. There is little to no site analysis. Refer to the list of possible site analysis topics by John Simmonds inserted toward the end of this assignment, and list analysis topics that were not addressed by the site analysis for the design, but that should have been. The design does not account for many of the analysis topics. To start, all the subjects under earth section should have been considered. With the reasoning that plant selection for specific soils need to be viewed as one. In the water section, surface conformation, visual appeal and quality is also needed if considering any irrigation layout. All the atmosphere section was missed, and all the process section was omitted. Under Flora section, ecological systems, visual continuity, habitat, and rare plant species were not considered. For Fauna, birds should be observed, land animals and reptiles also. As well as endangered species and the food chain that exists in and around the site. For the Land use section, some of the topics are not applicable but, urbanization should be considered due to the fact that this property lies within these parameters. In the visual and human interest, there should have been analysis for views and vistas, landscape character, archeological and historical interest and pollution rates around the site. There were no social factors to consider for this site, but for the built environment, there should have been analysis on landscape development. Are you convinced that the site analysis is sufficient to produce a design that achieves basic function, environmental function and positive human response? Explain I am not convinced with the site analysis of this site to warrant a design. There are too many analyses that were missed and thus designing for the unknown is a recipe for failure.
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Spaces: List all of the spaces Covered Porch Entry, Side yard entrance, Covered Patio Backyard, Turf Area, Side Yard Describe how each space is defined in the ground, overhead and vertical planes
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Site Analysis Design Critique - Title Block Name of the...

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