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Comm306 Deborah Hanan- Rock Stars CBS reality talent series (interactive TV shows) Rock Star marked a decided change in the way rock and alternative music could be conceptualized, created, and consumed. These transformations were greatly facilitated (let. .easily) by a strategy that involved interactive “new” media technologies and re- purposing of Rock Star’s aesthetic aural(hear) and visual content for dissemination(spread) across various delivery platforms. Under the guise o of “audience agency o ”, Rock Star was designed so that consumer- juries (o ) directed not only the makeup and chemistry of the band’s personnel o and its future live and recorded performances, but also the featured band’s catalogue of compositions, and the resultant musical genre with which the group would eventually be associated. In this chapter, Deborah argues that, by giving the audience/consumer such a decisive role in shaping this “rock” product, mega- media conglomerates deployed convergent and interactive strategies that not only diminish (decrease) traditional artist-audience and artist- muse relationships, but also serve to undermine(o ) the collective bargaining power of professional creative labor. Rock Star, set new standards for characterizing “rock” music that were antithetical to ways this genre of music had traditionally been conceived. More specifically, the show’s structural over-emphasis on consumer intervention and corporate
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Comm306_Rock_Stars - Comm306 Deborah Hanan- Rock Stars CBS...

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