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Comm306_The_Arts_of_Economy - Comm306 The arts in a market...

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Comm306- The arts in a market economy Internal force correspond to preferences and external forces interact to shape artistic production Capitalism generates the wealth that enables individuals to support themselves through arts. Perhaps the market economy increases the independence of the artist from the immediate demands of the culture-consuming public o Capitalism funds alternative sources of financial support allowing artists to invest in skills, undertake long term projects, pursue the internal logic of their chosen genre or niche, and develop their marketing abilities A wealthy economy gives artists a greater number of other sources of potential financial support. Parents and elderly relations have financed many an anti-establishment cultural revolution Wealth and financial security give artists the scope to reject societal values. o The bohemian, the avant-garde, and the nihilist are all products of capitalism. They have pursued forms of liberty and inventiveness that are
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