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I do really think that audience interactivity works to serve existing power relations, audiences grant the power to control the shows like American Idol and Supernova, and that is the “fantasy of empowerment” which makes audiences more involved in the shows. Audiences keep watching the shows and the back motivation is their votes can alter one’s future, they believe they are matter and that is the reason why they have to watch every episode to make sure they do the best votes. Although the truth is the producers have control everything, even the deceitful voting system to attract
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Unformatted text preview: more audiences to watch the shows. The producers using that strategy because they want the audiences have the “promise of participation”, and that can help boosting the sponsor’s products to have the audiences buying more of them since advertisements are everywhere during the shows. In conclusion, audience interactivity creates the motivation for audiences to watch the shows that they do enjoy and have control of them; therefore they are the essential power for the corporation and producer to keep the shows going....
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