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discussion 2

discussion 2 - convince audiences to accept avant gardes I...

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I mostly agree with Cowen, as he mentioned in the article, “Today it is easier than ever before to make a living by marketing to an artistic niche and rejecting mainstream taste” (23). Since technology has been advanced rapidly, the media network has also been benefited, avant gardes’ artworks and music will be easier and faster to expose to public through internet, televisions, radio, etc. Therefore, “artists offer new products to increase their income, their fame, and their audience exposure. They seek to avoid duplicating older media and styles, which become played out and filled with previous achievements” (24). Once audiences are exposed to any new artwork, it will be a freshness for them, or they may not accept it in the first sight, but what if they face it through different ways, they will get used to it and try to accept it, and that is the power of media to let public to access to the media network in anywhere anytime, also that is how the media
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Unformatted text preview: convince audiences to accept avant gardes. I agree with the American avant gardes have the ability to thrive but their ultimate success is depend on the public, Cowen has pointed out something that I am really agree with, “The virtues of cultural market lie not in the quality of mass taste but rather in the ability of artists to find minority support of their won conceptions. Even Michael Jackson, an unparalleled cultural phenomenon whose Thriller album has sold fifty million copies worldwide, has never commanded the allegiance of most Americans” (34). No one on the earth can support by everyone, someone can be succeeded even there is only a portion of people support him/her. Yes, Lady Gaga again, she is controversial, but still many audiences accepted her and start loving her and definitely she is a successful avant garde in today society....
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