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discussion 4 - Batman Dark Knight is filming in Hong Kong...

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I agree that the U.S.’s film industry should start doing the joint venture, since many Hollywood famous movies had been using some Chinese actors and actresses; also there are some Chinese conversations during the movies. Jacky Chan, who is originally from Hong Kong, and he always acts in Hollywood action films. As China’s film industry is developing rapidly, joint venture will be benefit for both China and U.S. However, the American film industry is still only focusing on its own culture, although many scenes had taken in different corners of the world, but that does not mean the audiences get to know more about other cultures. For example, the
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Unformatted text preview: Batman Dark Knight is filming in Hong Kong, and it became a propaganda that attracted people to watch Batman with a different background (Hong Kong), but it did not show any Hong Kong culture and story. People always attract to the American movies because of their gimmicks with most advanced technology other than the stories themselves, and I believe the American film industry still can win the audiences’ minds and hearts because we are in the trend of innovation and totally obsessed with it....
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