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Discussion 5 - the maximization of profit On one hand they can be successful artists whose are famous but on the other hand they are not expressing

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According to Pope’s article, he believes a “good” piece of art should not have any limitation; artists can do whatever they want with creation, not following the old track and affected by public. Since nowadays many of them are affecting by the commercialization, they just try to do what the public want because that is how they see as popularity due to the main element to be successful. The mass market is driven by those big companies and they commercialize the arts to the public in order to earn
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Unformatted text preview: the maximization of profit. On one hand, they can be successful artists whose are famous, but on the other hand, they are not expressing their real ideas and thoughts, so we are not getting the authentic art and it is just a piece of art which is trying to make us accept. Through Popes article, he let us what is a good piece of art which is natural, created and unlimited since we all are getting confused with good art in the era of commercialization...
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